Monday, 19 September 2011

More Dan Lepard Recipes

After being daunted and putting it off I finally baked a wholemeal loaf, I was expecting it to be a complete failure, but instead I got a perfectly cooked and beautifully fluffy loaf just as Dan Leppard promised and I thought I'd try to find some more of his recipes. I love Sourdough and I was thinking what a nice present a loaf of Sourdough and a pot of chutney would make.

Black Olive Sesame Bread
I really like the addition of black olives, sesame seeds, oregano and thyme to his Black Olive Sesame Bread and might try adding some to the wholemeal loaf as this recipe is for white bread.

Sweet Potato Brownies
Of course I couldn't resist looking at his sweeter recipes as well and am very impressed by his Sweet Potato Brownies recipe which greatly reduces the amount of sugar and fat by adding sweet potato which he says maintains the flavour and texture.

Wholewheat Plum Tart
Let alone this Wholewheat Plum Tart, its looks spectacular and I can't wait to make it for a special occasion. I was surprised to find a cake recipe that uses just wholemeal flour but he says that it can add a nice heaviness and for this recipe makes a perfect base to absorb the juice from the plums mmm...


Angela said...

these look delicious
I must get myself organised and keep a sourdough starter in the fridge
sourdough bread is esp good for those of us on a GI diet apparently

ps thanks for being so diligent about adding links in your blogposts - it makes it so much easier to check out the recipes etc!

No Spend Days said...

Hi many thanks for dropping in!. Its always lovely to meet new bloggers. The sour dough bread looks lovely. Look forward to seeing more xx

David Whitehouse, Business Manager for Dan Lepard said...

I'm sorry to have to point this out but those photos are copyright and were taken specifically to illustrate Dan Lepard's column in The Guardian. They are not "in the public domain" and should not be re-used on another blog or website. As a result, I have to ask you to remove them.