Friday, 26 August 2011

Brown Rice

Nigel Slater's Brown Rice, Courgettes & Mint
I love brown rice, its a very frugal and wholesome wholegrain, but apart from a stir-fried rice I usually serve it with something rather then as a dish.

Browsing on the fantastic Guardian Food & Drink section I found this wonderful Brown Rice, Courgettes & Mint recipe by one of my favourite food writers Nigel Slater.

Most of his recipes use wholesome ingredients but end up quite calorific so I often just admire them. Which is why I'm so excited about this dish which looks like a great wholegrain alternative to risotto and way of using up lots of green veggies.

Allegra McEvedy's Tuk Tuk Salad
This got me thinking as to what other flavoursome and healthy dishes can be made with brown rice before stumbling across this Tuk Tuk Salad by Allegra McEvedy.

This looks like a bit of a super-foood salad perfect for lunch boxes with brown and wild rice, peas, broad beans, tomatoes, rocket, coriander toasted seeds and sesame oil.

Mushroom & Brown Rice Pilaf
I love mushrooms and this Mushroom & Brown Basmati Pilaf from the wonderful source of inspiration BBC Good Food looks like a winner and I can't wait to try it.

p.s. we tried the vegetable and lentil curry last, unfortunately I was too hungry to take a photo, but it was absolutely  delicious and I can't recommend it enough


Pam said...

I love brown rice too. The mushroom and brown rice dish looks amazing.

Mrs Bent said...

Hi Pam, yes it does I can't wait to get my hand on a nice big bowl of mushrooms to try it x